Asking the right questions can not only lead to profound answers but even turn your life around. This is the message that Mark Murray expresses in his book, Why?: To Answer Questions Why Leads to Personal Freedom. Murray shares some of the toughest challenges he faced in his life and how he overcame them by questioning the nature of his circumstances.

Although he may not have a degree in Psychology or Theology, the life lessons he shares are pulled from his own life experiences, such as addiction, questions about faith, relationship problems. Thanks to counselling and bible studies, he was able to come out the other side a better man. But his experiences have also taught him the importance of questionings one’s station in life to break free from it.

Even though he isn’t a scholar, it turns out there is some truth to his lesson. His sentiments are echoed by some of the most influential people in the world. For example, Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, once said, “We run this company on questions, not answers.” And some of history’s minds were able to change the world by asking the question why. Isaac Newton came up with the equation for gravity after asking why the apple fell from the tree and Charles Darwin wondered why there so many unique species found only in Galapagos Island. Indeed, Murray was on to something by asking why when his life was at its worst.

After turning his life for the better, Mark “The Welder” wanted to share what he learned from his experiences to people who are going through similar struggles. He wanted to show them a way out of their trials and possibly change their mindset of how to view their circumstances. Why? Is the first book in a series of self-help books from Mark “The Welder.”

Aside from being an accomplished author, Murray is also a renowned welder (hence the title). He runs his own practice in Fort Collins, Colorado. But he is also gaining attention in the publishing world thanks to his first book. And adding to his growing reputation is a short film based on his book.

If you are interested in learning more of Murray’s story, you can buy his book on Amazon.

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