Educator Wins Multiple Awards for Book Series

Dr. Dawn Menge Educates and Inspires Youth with Queen Vernita Series

APPLE VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, September 9, 2020—Multi-awarded educator, Dr. Dawn Menge, continues to educate and inspire young children with her multi-awarded Queen Vernita series with the latest addition, Queen Vernita on an Old-Fashioned Paddleboat.

Dr. Menge worked as a special education teacher for sixteen years, teaching handicapped students as young as 3 and as old as 22, specifically in the San Bernardino County of Superintendent Schools. During her tenure, she worked with children with autism, down syndrome, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), seizure disorders, orthopedic disorders, mental illness, legally blind, and cerebral palsy. She also contributed on a case study with Leapfrog Learning Company on her autistic students. She also achieved success during her time as an educator. She was awarded Learning Leader by the Leapfrog Learning Company and Para-Professional of the Year by the SBCSC.

Aside from working as an academe, she aims to further educate children through her Queen Vernita books, which have been hailed by readers as, “Perfect for: Reading with a child…” and “This book would be perfect for any child that is learning…” It is no wonder then that her books received a total of 29 awards, including the Purple Dragonfly, Mom’s Choice, and Reader’s Favorite awards (to name a few). This series is ideal for children

And she continues to write the Queen Vernita series with aims to further educate the youth with topics such as science, history, and even geography through the POV of her main character, Queen Vernita, and her friends.

Dr. Menge’s books can be bought online on Amazon and Goodreads, which are the following: Queen Vernita’s Vistors, Queen Vernita Visits the Blue Ice Mountains, Queen Vernita Visits the Islands of Entertainment, Queen Vernita Visits Gator Country, Queen Vernita Visits Baja Quail, Queen Vernita Meets Sir Heathybean The Astronomer,Queen Vernita Explores the Oceaneer’s Coastline, and Queen Vernita’s Magical Christmas Train Ride.

Author Bio:

Dr. Dawn Menge is an educator with a Master’s Degree in Clear Credential in moderate/severe disabilities and a PhD in Curriculum Instruction. She worked in the San Bernardino County of Superintendent Schools for sixteen years, teaching handicapped students. She was awarded Learning Leader by the Leapfrog Learning Company and Para-Professional of the Year by the SBCSC. Her Queen Vernita series have also won multiple awards and recognitions.

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