Mark “The Welder” Murray Gets Featured in People of Distinction

Mark Murray continues his streak with success by being interviewed by Benji Cole in People of Distinction. The iTunes radio show is hosted by Al Cole, a distinguished host from CBS Radio. Mark was invited on the show to talk about his book, Why?: To Answer Questions Why Leads to Personal Freedom.

The interview covers the origins of the book and some of the struggles Mark faced in his life. More importantly, it stresses Mark’s hope that the book would help people who’ve gone through similar struggles. He also makes a few announcements regarding the book’s sequel. In the meantime, Why? can be directly purchased on Amazon. The book has also been adapted to a short film.

For those who aren’t familiar, Mark Murray worked as a professional welder for most of his life. However, along the way, he struggled with addiction and depression, with several stints on rehab. The process of overcoming these struggles inspired him to write the book and share to readers what he’s learned.

Mark’s interview airs on Thursday, Feb. 18, 8pm (Eastern Time) on People of Distinction. Apple users can listen to it by following this link ( on Apple Inc’s iTunes Radio Network (under their News/Talk provision, featuring CBS Radio, Fox News, NPR, C-Span & BBC).