As a new author, you need to pull out all the stops to market your book. Exposure is important in order to reach your target audience. The internet has certainly helped struggling writers personally reach out to potential readers, but there’s also nothing wrong with relying on conventional methods. After all, if they’ve worked with other writers, they can certainly work for you.

One tried and tested method is to send out copies of press releases to different media outlets, specifically print publications. That’s because they already have a solid base of subscribers, which you can tap into. And there’s no such thing as a publication that’s too small. Even if they have a small mailing list, that still means that they have actual subscribers that you could turn into actual readers for your book.

What is a press release?

It is a written piece of communication sent usually sent by businesses to media outlets or press people (these days, they can include bloggers and influencers) regarding a certain product, business event, and other relevant pieces of information. This can be a useful tool for authors when they are about to launch their newest books.

What do you get out of sending them?

Aside from exposure, here are some of the benefits you can experience from sending press releases:

  • Affiliation with established media outlets

If your press release gets featured by a reputable outlet or publication, you can use that affiliation to your advantage. You can mention on your website, social media accounts, or even on the cover of book that your story was featured by this, this, and this outlet.

The press outlets also benefit from this connection. For example, a talk show segment or article featured your book. By putting links to these on your website or social media, you are also an additional source of traffic for the publication or news outlet. It’s a win-win situation.

  • Develop a working relationship with media businesses

Once you get your foot in the door, it gets easier for your future literary works and other marketing endeavors to be featured. But to continue that working relationship, you must be on your best behavior. Little things, like showing up on time for interviews or promptly sending necessary files, goes a long way.

Most importantly, don’t let the added exposure get to your head and start demanding for ridiculous things, like a longer feature or a better time slot for your interview. Remain professional in order to reap the benefits of working with media outlets.

  • Get stamp of approval from established media institutions

There’s a reason why prominent authors always include which publication marked them as best sellers: The label lends credibility to their work. Also, potential readers are more likely to give your book a try (same goes when you include positive reviews from notable critics).

Being featured, in and of itself, can also mean a stamp of recognition. Think about it: Publications, tv, and radio stations probably receive a lot of press releases every day. So, if yours caught their attention enough (plus they also read your book) and decide to feature your book, that means they were impressed with your writing. You can then take advantage and mention being featured on said station or publication. And as a means of communication, a press release is pretty straightforward. Like a news article, providing the necessary details is enough. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative at all. To make your press release stand out, some details you can add, such as the cover of your book, author bio, and your contact details. But if you want to bother with these details, we at Rushmore Press can send them for you. So, publish with us today!