Pain Management Secrets that Would Help Medical Professionals

Dr. Doddapaneni Teaches Medical Practitioners to Manage Pain to Do Their Jobs Better

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, September 10, 2020 —General anesthesiologist and pain management specialist teaches other medical practitioners how to manage and relieve body pains through his book, Dr. D’s Pain Treatment Manual. The book goes into detail on how to treat acute to chronic pain. He also dedicates chapters to specific common ailments.

In the book, Dr. Doddapaneni covers a wide range of physical ailments and some of their treatments, from migraines, to whiplash, and to arthritis, which most medical practitioners have experienced at work. But the book doesn’t just cover the kinds of treatment, Dr. Doddapaneni discusses in length the role of medication, meditation, and even yoga in pain management. He also references several experts to back up the information he provides.

Readers agree that the book is “A must read for all the Doctors [sic] and Med [sic] students in particular.” Although it mainly targets medical professionals, the book has also helped people with such ailments. One reviewer even wrote, “…I have issues with my lower back, this manual talks across illness history, examination, diagnosis, conditions, risk factors providing 360 degrees approach on overall pain treatment topics with meticulous detail.”

Dr. Doddapaneni has been an anesthesiologist and pain management specialist for more than 21 years. He used his knowledge and experience for this book, but he made sure that this book is easy to understand even for people who are not in the medical field.  Readers can buy a copy at Amazon.

Author bio:

With over 40 years of experience in healthcare, Dr. D – as his patients call him – brings his vast knowledge and clinical experience as the author of Dr. D’s Pain Treatment Manual. As both a pioneer and leader isn the field of pain management, he offers a comprehensive and practical guide to treating a wide arrange of pain conditions in a systematic manner. Dr. D’s multidisciplinary approach to treating pain provides healthcare professionals ranging from senior medical students, nurses to primary care physicians, the tools and confidence to effectively treat their patients’ pain.

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