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Self-Published Authors Impact

There’s no denying that technological advancements have greatly shaped the publishing industry into what it is today. There are now more options to consume stories and ideas through e-books and audiobooks. Readers also have more tools to read their favorite books, such as Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. Because books have become more accessible, more people

An Introductory Guide to Book Trailers

When you’re in the cinema, the movie-going experience would not be complete without watching the trailers of upcoming movies, some of which look just as elaborate as the films they advertise. Trailers are quite useful for building hype because it teases viewers of what’s to come. The trend with most major films is half a

Making the Case for Audiobooks

Audiobooks have a negative reputation in the sense that they aren’t really considered books. Even more unfortunate is that listening to them is considered cheating. The bigger contention with this medium is it doesn’t improve comprehension and memory. But a study conducted by Beth Rogowsky, an associate professor from Bloomberg University, yielded some surprising results.