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Tag: press release

Educator Wins Multiple Awards for Book Series

Dr. Dawn Menge Educates and Inspires Youth with Queen Vernita Series APPLE VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, September 9, 2020—Multi-awarded educator, Dr. Dawn Menge, continues to educate and inspire young children with her multi-awarded Queen Vernita series with the latest addition, Queen Vernita on an Old-Fashioned Paddleboat. Dr. Menge worked as a special education teacher for sixteen years,

Volunteer Taps into Sci-fi and Fantasy Adventure

Ripp Black’s First Foray in Science Fiction Starts with To Spell with Awakening CAMANO, WASHINGTON, September 9, 2020—Relentless volunteer and motivational speaker dips her hand in science fiction. Ripp Black’s story delves into a world of witches, alien encounters, and how one girl with unlikely powers is at the center of an upcoming catastrophe and

Welder Turned Author Raises the Importance of Asking Why

Mark “The Welder” Murray Shows How to Change One’s Life by Asking Why FORT COLLINS, COLORADO, September 9, 2020—Longtime welder, Mark Murray, shares important life lessons and how asking the question “Why?” made him change his life around. His first book, Why, reveals the struggles he faced throughout his life and how he was able

Marketing with Press Release

As a new author, you need to pull out all the stops to market your book. Exposure is important in order to reach your target audience. The internet has certainly helped struggling writers personally reach out to potential readers, but there’s also nothing wrong with relying on conventional methods. After all, if they’ve worked with