Tag: Trustworthy Publisher

Tag: Trustworthy Publisher

What’s Hybrid Publishing?

Except for reclusive writers, and there are some, all authors have a message that they want the world to read. This is one of the many reasons why some people write. After writing, the work should always find its way to being published so that people can read it. One may self-publish or get a

How Does Hybrid Publishing Work?

With a niche of writers who want to step into the limelight but who have neither the skills to self-publish nor the platform to connect with traditional publishers, there are hybrid publishers like Rushmore Press. This company collaborates with authors who fund a project to provide objective review, professional editing, good publishing and comprehensive marketing

Getting To Know Rushmore Press

Abraham Lincoln was first to coin the maxim, “Action speaks louder than words.” This has become the banner of results-driven individuals who want to see what was done instead of what was said. The best way to introduce Rushmore Press is through its accomplishments. The company’s Author’s Spotlight page highlights the most recent and successful