Volunteer Taps into Sci-fi and Fantasy Adventure

Ripp Black’s First Foray in Science Fiction Starts with To Spell with Awakening

CAMANO, WASHINGTON, September 9, 2020—Relentless volunteer and motivational speaker dips her hand in science fiction. Ripp Black’s story delves into a world of witches, alien encounters, and how one girl with unlikely powers is at the center of an upcoming catastrophe and has the potential to stop it.

To Spell with Awakening is mainly inspired by Black’s family, the beautiful surrounding of Puget Sound in West Washington, and the memorable people she met and befriended in her community. The settings are even influenced by the diverse culture of the friends she’s made. As a result, she was able to come up with a fully developed world and characters with distinct personalities.

Despite being her only book, To Spell with Awakening is already getting rave reviews from readers, such as, “I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy fiction and/or novels dealing with magic, witches, and alternate realities,” “It kept me wanting to read more, and has a complexity of relationships that had my wife and me eagerly making family charts trying to guess who was related to who(m) and why they were doing what they were doing,” and “The writing was excellent. The story line was riveting.”

Prior to writing her first book, Black worked as a motivational speaker and devoted whatever time she could to volunteer work. She has volunteered in several community organizations, with a focus on disaster-preparedness. Aside from writing, she and her husband also dabble in radio. Although To Spell with Awakening is her only book, it definitely wouldn’t be her last. Black is currently working to the follow-up.

Ripp Black’s books can be bought online on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Author bio:

Ripp Black works as an events-organizer and motivational speaker. Originally born and raised in Kansas, she is currently living in Puget Sound in West Washington with her husband. She also has three kids with him. Aside from being a speaker and organizer, Black is dedicated to volunteer work, particularly disaster-preparedness.

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