Welder Turned Author Raises the Importance of Asking Why

Mark “The Welder” Murray Shows How to Change One’s Life by Asking Why

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO, September 9, 2020—Longtime welder, Mark Murray, shares important life lessons and how asking the question “Why?” made him change his life around. His first book, Why, reveals the struggles he faced throughout his life and how he was able to overcome those struggles. He wrote the book to impart some of the lessons he learned along the way.

Why also examines how constantly questioning your belief system can help move people’s lives forward. The book also reveals how people can fall victim to their own thought pattern and even victimize themselves because of their circumstances. All in all, Murray teaches readers to be more self-aware and change their own perspective if they are truly dedicated to changing their lives for the better.

Although only the first book, it is clearly resonating among readers. One reviewer states, “Genuine, and thoughtful, it is refreshing to read an author who has gained his stature through personal study and depth of life experiences without much influence from formal academia…This gentleman’s experience is well worth reading about and learning from.”

Mark Murray is actually a master welder. He runs his own practice, Mark the Welder, in Fort Collins, Colorado. Why is the first release in his series of self-help books. It was inspired by some of the struggles he faced in life, such as addiction, relationship-problems, and questions about faith. He wrote the book for people who’ve gone through similar challenges in life but written in a way that is more relatable.

Murray’s book can be bought online on Amazon.

Author bio:
Mark Murray is a master welder that has been in the business for almost 40 years. He runs his own business in Fort Collins, Colorado. Aside from welding, he used to be a part of a pit crew for an INDY car team and was part of the Wellinton Volunteer Fire Department. Why is Murray’s first foray into publishing but is also currently working on follow-ups to his first release.

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