What’s Hybrid Publishing?

Except for reclusive writers, and there are some, all authors have a message that they want the world to read. This is one of the many reasons why some people write. After writing, the work should always find its way to being published so that people can read it. One may self-publish or get a traditional publishing deal as these are the two most common ways of getting any written work in print. If a writer is extra skilled as to have the resources to edit, finance and market their own works, there’s always self-publishing. If another can work through a labyrinth of personalities and policies that very few are able to really penetrate, there’s always traditional publishing. Yet, not everyone fits the bill of either of these processes and, as they say, need always prompts solutions. Rushmore Press is a hybrid publishing company that’s always there for that niche of writers who want to step into the limelight but who have neither the skills to self-publish nor the platform to connect with traditional publishers. This company collaborates with authors who fund a project to provide objective review, professional editing, good publishing and comprehensive marketing of their books.

How does it work? It is through a unique hybrid publishing formula that only Rushmore Press can offer and deliver. It is called the Author Brand Ambassador Program. The goal of this program is to establish market value not just for the books but also for the authors themselves. This is established through a team of experts and professionals who will act as ambassadors of the authors’ stories. All works undergo a qualification process and once affiliate reviewers give positive feedback on the manuscripts, literary advisors will come up with a book selling program. These steps have paved the way to the success of the authors that have worked with the company.

Now what is Rushmore Press? Well, other than it has a physical office in S. Rainbow Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada 89118, it is a literary agency with an industry strong 18-year existence. This doesn’t make it archaic though since, it is a regular attendee of industry-related events including the upcoming BookCon in May 2020 where the company will be one of the event’s exhibitors. Who do they work with? Well, it has a recently collaborated with more than 30 authors who
published their work with Rushmore Press’s professional team of publishing experts.

What does this company have to show? There’s the Author’s Spotlight page in Rushmore Press’s website, www.rushmorepress.com. This page highlights the most recent and successful books and events. There’s M.J. Zitnasky’s poems in Sleepless Nights that were featured in the Spirituality and Health Magazine. R. Avery Burton’s This Is Depression got him invited to talk about his book on a morning television show. Even a multi-awarded author like Dr. Dawn Mange who has thirty-four literary awards for the Queen Vernita Educational Series trusted the company to catapult her name to her own Amazon Author Profile. These are just three of a couple of authors who consented to be bannered in the official company website alongside their books and the promotional events that were made possible through the efforts of Rushmore Press.

Success can be reached through several roads. For writers who envision their books to be a contribution to the great list of literary and non-fictional libraries of humanity, the goal is to be published so that their works can be read. Rushmore Press provides hybrid publishing services that’s definitely worth checking out.

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